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That’s three dollars off, right there. Do you have a kickass costume? You can take a risk and enter the early morning costume contest to see if you can get in for free (bring friends to cheer you on; prizes are awarded based on cheer volume). Also, parking is always bountiful and free, but it’s best to get there in the morning before traffic gets scary..

The most satisfying piece of information revealed by the combination of crystal structures and quantum chemical calculations carried out in this study, Fox says, concerns the nature of the iron oxygen intermediate that attacks the aromatic ring. Scientists generally assumed it would take an extremely reactive iron oxygen species to carry out this reaction. But what Fox and his team found was that a less reactive form could actually be used..

Q: I’ve worked here for almost three years as an administrative professional. My job involves desk coverage for three, four days per week. One desk keeps me busy, but the other two don’t. Here are some frugal ways to fill the days this summer. See a movie The Hampton family movie series has moved to Mill Point Park this year. It will begin its free outdoor movie series on June 18.

The drive behind the iPhone 5C is to offer an iPhone to people who are currently Apple’s untouched markets, the lower income brackets, including China and India. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has made visits to the largest telecommunications carrier in the world, China Mobile Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Ltd., with over 703 million subscribers. Coincidence? I think not.

The naming gets even more left field when you start looking at colour choices, with hues such as Saturday White Fever, James Blonde and Let it Blue on the options list.As well as the standard models, there’s also a jacked up ‘crossover’ spec called the Adam Rocks, while those of a sporty nature might prefer the Adam S which has lowered and uprated suspension, a 148bhp engine and aggressive styling that includes an obvious roof spoiler of dubious functionality.The entry level Adam Jam is pretty well kitted out with 16 inch alloys, daytime running lights, air conditioning, cruise control, a CD player and Bluetooth. The Adam Glam has different alloys, climate control, a glass roof, digital radio and chrome effect body styling highlights, while the Adam Slam has sports suspension, LED lights and bigger 17 inch ‘Hurricane’ alloys. The Adam Energised features 17 inch black alloys with matching black roof and body trim parts, plus Intellilink infotainment system, while the Adam Unlimited sits somewhere in the middle of the range, perhaps as an easy option for customers who find the breadth of Adam choices a little bewildering.That choice extends to the engine range.