Mr. Hussein’s regime is clearly the most brutal, but Iraq is not the only Middle Eastern country that has, or is planning to have, weapons of mass destruction. How courageous it would be if Mr. The Packers tried this back in the 2008 season finale, when Will Blackmon fair caught a punt at the Green Bay 41 yard line on what the Lions thought was the final play of the first half. Mason Crosby took his kickoff run up to try a 69 yard field goal and came up just a couple yards short. If only it had been warmer than 20 degrees or so that day at Lambeau.

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Marcy Tudor, one of the proprietors, says you simply can’t miss waking up with farmer Dale to do the Discount Baseball Jerseys morning chores. “He loves to talk, and little kids especially eat it up,” she says. They’ll make the rounds: pumping water at the well, bottle feeding lambs, and collecting eggs.

Lake Placid, Fla. Shops now sell crafts, clothes, and antiques in the small town, which has an outsize reputation for its caladiums: leafy red, pink, and white plants that peak in late summer. The Freedom Marine Center offers Jet Ski and boat rentals for guests who are itching to find the best fishing spots (863/699 9300, half day Jet Ski rental from $150, half day boat rental from $175).

And many fake trees have been found to be contaminated with lead. In fact, many of them come with a warning label advising you to wash your hands after handling them to prevent ingestion of the brain damaging metal. Does that sound like something you want in your living room? And the plastic tree can’t be recycled, should you decide to ditch it for a newer model.

Among other remedies, the FCC ended a $30 a month subsidy to phone companies for each new connection, saying it gave them a “perverse” incentive to sign up ineligible beneficiaries. The agency has also proposed millions in fines against five wireless carriers for allegedly cheating the Lifeline program. Additionally, it mandated stricter tests for income eligibility..

The Oakland Raiders overwhelm the Minnesota Vikings, 32 14, in Super Bowl XI, played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. For the Vikings, it was their fourth consecutive Super Bowl loss. For the Raiders, it was the crowning moment of John Madden coaching career, with the lasting memory being Willie Brown 75 yard return of a Fran Tarkenton interception.