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Ukraine justice minister in state of emergency warning The question at the heart of the debate is whether the government can count on the loyalty of enough troops to first clear the streets of Ukraine cities, and then deal with the inevitable violent backlash. Nobody knows where the sympathies lie of each and every one of the country soldiers, interior troops, riot police and other forces at the government disposal. But it is safe to say that a large number of those who come from the country centre and west, where the protest movement is strongest, would refuse to follow orders from President Viktor Yanukovych just as their neighbours, cards against humanity white cards?, friends and family members are refusing to relinquish central squares in Kiev and elsewhere in the country. Buildings have come under attack even in eastern areas, which have traditionally had closer ties with Russia and where President Viktor Yanukovych has enjoyed strong support. The crisis was sparked by the president decision not to sign a deal with the European Union, cards againat humanity, and has escalated with the deaths of four activists in recent days. Correspondents say protesters entered the justice ministry building in the capital

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without resistance. “The seizure of the Ministry

of Justice is a symbolic act of the people of the uprising. One of the organisers of the occupation, who gave his name as Oleg, told the Associated Press news agency: “We are not going to do any hooliganism, or have anyone hurt. We are peaceful people, cardsagainst humanity, we are for justice.” But Ms Lukash told Inter TV channel: “If the protesters do not leave the justice ministry building. I will ask the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine to impose the state of emergency, cards against humanity for sale.” The minister is an ally of President Yanukovych and involved in the ongoing negotiations between the government and protest leaders. Olena Lukash has been closely involved in talks between the government and the protesters She said she would be “forced to turn to the Ukrainian president with a request to stop the negotiations unless the justice ministry building is vacated without delay and the negotiators are given a chance to find a peaceful solution to the conflict”. Last week, the parliament of the Crimean Autonomous Republic seen as a staunch supporter of Mr Yanukovych also urged the president to declare a state of emergency. The BBC David Stern in Kiev says it is not clear what such a measure would involve, but could entail the army being deployed. The government has previously insisted it would not resort to the army, a measure our correspondent says would likely further antagonise the protesters and worsen the violence. The parliament is due to meet for an extraordinary session on Tuesday, but the speaker has previously said a state of emergency will not be under discussion. The EU delegation to Ukraine has called for the government to abide by promises it makes to protesters, and to revoke the protest laws. In a statement, it expressed concern over reports of human rights abuses, and called on protesters to remain peaceful and distance themselves from violence. The EU enlargement commissioner Stefan Fule is returning to Kiev

on Monday for talks with both sides on ending the crisis. places that sell cards against humanity 566

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